Our Sourcing

Nature is powerful and restorative. We can’t always see it or understand how it works, but it does. That’s why for centuries, civilisations have turned to the power and wonder of nature to support their health. With the busy lifestyles of today, the need to restore, rebalance and protect our bodies is even more important.

At Barnes Naturals, we understand the deep connection that exists between nature and the human body, and have been connecting people with the healing power of nature for over 140 years. We source only the finest naturally bioactive ingredients to craft ‘living’ products that work in harmony with your body to nourish your health and wellbeing.

Organic Apples

The Apples used to make our Apple Cider Vinegar are sourced from pristine Certified Organic Apple Orchards in New Zealand. Depending on seasonality, the apple varieties used are Granny Smith, Braeburn and Jazz.

Certified Organic Apples are free from conventional chemical pesticides, fungicides  and herbicides. They are also free from genetic modification and any other artificial farming practices.   

Organic Honey

The non-active honey used in our products is 100% Certified Organic Australian honey that we source from only the most skilful beekeepers who have gained organic certification inline with Australian Certified Organic standards

This Certified Organic honey is produced predominantly in pristine national parks along the Northern New South Wales Coast and wild forest reserves in the Southern region of Western Australia. 

Manuka Honey

We offer a selection of active Manuka honey, ranging from a medium activity of MGO 100+ to super strength MGO 550+. This honey is proudly 100% Australian Manuka Honey. Every single batch of Barnes Naturals Manuka honey is independently tested to ensure authenticity and activity.

Every single batch of Barnes Naturals Manuka honey is subject to independent third party testing and auditing through the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) to ensure authenticity and activity.

Jarrah Honey

Our Jarrah honey range is sourced exclusively from beehives that have foraged Jarrah forests, located in the South-West pocket of Western Australia. Our Jarrah honey products proudly carry the Certified Authentic Jarrah Honey logo, meaning every batch of Barnes Naturals Jarrah honey meets strict authenticity and quality standards.

The TA or Total Activity level of our Jarrah honey is independently tested by a third party and audited to be certified as authentic Jarrah Honey. This ensures we can be confident in the authenticity and potency of every single batch of Jarrah honey. 


We predominantly source our spices and herbs from regions in which they naturally grow and rigorously quality check every one of them to ensure purity and authenticity. For example, we use Certified Organic Turmeric that grows abundantly throughout India, and Certified Organic Ginger and Garlic from their native region in China.
At Barnes Naturals, we only use nature’s purest ingredients to craft our Naturally Active health foods. All of the ingredients used are Non-GMO and are responsibly sourced, ensuring they’re good for you and good for the planet.