Are the ingredients in your ACV Capsules Certified Organic?

No. The ACV component of our capsules is not organic. We chose to use this powder ahead of other powders on the market due to the low temperature drying technology used by the supplier of this ingredient. They use advanced evaporation that is very gentle on the raw material and uses much lower temperatures compared to other drying processes. This means we can be sure the ‘The Mother’ and its nutrients are not damaged during the powdering process. It also means that we naturally retain a higher level of acetic acid in the powder than other materials. Due to this unique process, it is a much higher quality and more natural powder than cheaper imported alternatives.

While the ACV used is not organic for our Capsules, we are proud to say the apples made to use the ACV are Australian apples sourced from hardworking Aussie Apple growers.

As for the herbs in our Capsules, we choose to responsibly source all of our herbal ingredients predominantly from where they grow naturally and natively.