100% Australian Active Honey

Here at Barnes Naturals, we proudly only source our Certified Organic honey, Active TA10+ Jarrah honey, Active Manuka honey and Oli-K8 honey with Prebiotics from the best Australian beekeepers. 

Honey is generally considered to be naturally antimicrobial arising from factors such as the osmolarity, pH, hydrogen peroxide content and saturation of sugars. Active honeys commonly have a naturally thick consistency with a strong rich flavour, being relatively dark in colour when compared to regular honey. In Australia, both Manuka and Jarrah honeys may be considered ‘active’.

All of Barnes Naturals Active Manuka & Jarrah honeys are independently tested and verified for activity by an independent laboratory, according to world standard testing methods. Meanwhile, our Oli-K8 honey is independently tested for its natural prebiotic oligosaccharide content.

The most popular and widely known active honey is Manuka and despite common belief, it is not unique to New Zealand. The leptospermum species that bees forage on to produce active Manuka honey are native to and originated in Australia. Jarrah honey is a lesser known but highly active honey that is truly unique to Australia, sourced only from the pristine wilderness of Western Australia.

Our Oli-K8 honey is of the finest Australian Eucalypt honey containing high concentrations of a unique combination of 8 key oliggosaccharides that contribute to beneficial prebiotic activity. It is then expertly blended with inulin to further enrich the honey with prebiotic oligosaccharides.